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  • Dr. Eric Carlsen

How Can Chiropractic Care for Headaches Help You Feel Better?

Woman with hand on head depicting headache. Drawn over her shows hammers hitting her head.

Headaches are something we often experience as we handle our daily activities. It is a common health issue due to stress, anxiety, or medical reasons. Many people tend to take painkillers to calm the head pain, which is not advisable. Taking one pill in a long time is okay, but what if headaches are something you experience as frequently as you wouldn’t like? This situation leaves you to question whether filling your body with painkillers is a wise move. Medical experts acknowledge that painkillers are okay, but too many of them are dangerous.

What about settling for a more natural way to deal with headaches, like Chiropractic care for headaches. It involves correct alignment of the body muscles using hands-on manipulation and other treatments. This method is legit and among the top headaches relief options, you can utilize.

Chiropractic care to deal with headaches

As mentioned earlier, chiropractic care means dealing with head pains without medication; hence various chiropractors have several means to calm your head. Including:

Manual Therapy

This therapy is a form of physical therapy that involves the hands without the assistance of other devices. Chiropractors use their hands in the specific area of your head that is hurting to put pressure on the muscle and manipulate the joints to relieve the pain, which may be due to muscle tension. Most of the experts are advanced with the way they use their hands and are effective.

Lifestyle changes to deal with the headaches

Head pains may be emotional, and when you visit a chiropractor, he/she tries to understand the trigger hence coming up with a natural approach to deal with the problem. In some cases, some foods and environments may result in your headaches. For instance, you can get a tension headache when you stay in the same position for hours or work on your computer all day long.

Lifestyle modifications and some chiropractic treatments will make a difference as you deal with headaches. The method is natural, and you can ditch the painkillers for a lifetime.


A recent study showed that many people experience headaches due to their habits and daily activities. For instance, a teenager spending time on their computers and smartphones all day may experience headaches, and taking painkillers is a stupid move. You may feel better on the first few occasions after taking pills. But, this may not be the result all the time. It would help if you tried rehabilitation chiropractic care. Visit a chiropractor today, and together you can work on a rehabilitation schedule to deal with some of your habits.

Massage therapy

Headaches are uncomfortable and may alter the way your brain thinks, and may cause a delay in your daily activities, especially if it’s a migraine. Painkillers are advisable, especially if the headaches are frequent. Massage therapy is a natural way to deal with head pains. It involves firm pressure with gentle strokes to massage strained muscles that may be causing you headaches.


Headaches are common problems that affect various individuals, teenagers, youth, and adults. Why is that? Head pains may be due to medical or emotional triggers, and statistics show that emotional triggers are the leading causes of headaches. Taking pills every time you have a throbbing headache is not advisable since your body will get used to these painkillers, which may not be helping but causing harm to your body. Experts recommended Chiropractic care to relieve head pains without medication. This piece explains the most common chiropractic techniques to treat headaches.

Credit: Alternative Medicine Magazine


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