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  • Dr. Eric Carlsen

Chiropractic Care with Massage Therapy

drawing of spine for chiropractic care plus drawing of woman getting massage

Chiropractic along with massage therapy offers a combination of care to help support the whole spine and body health in the patient.

A chiropractor uses traditional adjustments to release any subluxations that could be causing your pain and discomfort, as well as promoting healing to your muscle fibers and soft tissue. Massage is then used to help promote healing and wellness to the smaller systems of your body that may otherwise get forgotten during a chiropractic adjustment, such as your limbic and nervous systems.

Chiropractic adjustments focus on the musculoskeletal system, such as the vertebrae and joints of the spine, and massage focuses on the soft tissues, such as muscle.

Utilizing both chiropractic and massage as part or all of your treatment plan can provide greater feelings of health and well-being.

Using Chiropractic Care along with Massage Therapy

Chiropractic along with massage can help with a wide variety of conditions, giving you complete treatment and a better chance at a full recovery.

Some common conditions that may benefit from both chiropractic and massage include:

Back Pain

Chronic back pain can be caused by subluxations of the spine, or by damaged muscle fibers. If you’ve suffered from back pain for a long time, your posture may change which can put stress on the muscles and soft tissues of your back, causing further pain and stiffness.

Treating the subluxations in your spine with a chiropractic adjustment and following up with the treatment of the muscles and soft tissue through massage helps promote better blood flow to the damaged muscle fibers, speeding healing and decreasing inflammation and pain.

Pinched Nerves

There are a variety of ways you can develop a pinched nerve. Some injuries, such as those suffered in car accidents, can result in pinched nerves and pain. Subluxations of the spine also can cause nerves to become pinched.

By utilizing chiropractic care to realign the spine and release tense muscles, the initial cause of the pinched nerve can be corrected. Following that adjustment with massage therapy eases tense muscles and tissues, bringing relief and relaxation.


A major cause of tension headaches is tight muscles in the neck and shoulders. These tight muscles restrict blood flow to the brain, leading to the pain you experience when you have a headache.

A chiropractic adjustment can release the spine and heavily tense shoulder muscles that contribute to headaches. Coming in following an adjustment with massage on those neck and shoulder muscles promotes healthy blood flow to the brain, eases tension, and gives you a sense of relief from the pain you may not have experienced in a long time.

Joint Pain

Aching, stiff joints are a common problem, especially for older adults. Whether the joint pain comes from arthritis, a lingering injury, or just the conditions of age, it can cause a decrease in mobility and enjoyment of daily activities.

Chiropractic adjustments can help correct the condition that led up to the joint pain, such as a spinal misalignment that resulted in a posture adjustment and more pressure on certain joints. Massage can relieve the pain and tension in muscles surrounding the joint, increasing blood flow and decreasing inflammation that leads to pain.

Does Insurance Cover Massage Therapy?

Whether chiropractic massage is covered by your medical insurance is dependent largely upon the conditions of your plan.

To be sure your chiropractic massage sessions will be covered, contact your insurance company before you begin treatment.


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